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Musing 548: Rafi 252. Indarsabha

Cover from the drama book


Now You Know!

Rafi 252

Musing 555: KA Abbas 6

In this final part he declares the presence of songs to be a necessary evil and guesses that it will continue for some time to come!

Now You Know!

The Rafi series is done for now.

Musing 552: Rafi 256. KA Abbas 3

In part 1, he gives a formula for creating hit films. In part 2, he declares that the actors don't even have to sing (eg Saigal, Kanan) but you can hire others (eg Durrani, Shamshad) to sing for them. In part 3, he reminds of the good old days of good music and singing.

Now You Know!

Rafi 256