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Musing 552: Rafi 256. KA Abbas 3

In part 1, he gives a formula for creating hit films. In part 2, he declares that the actors don't even have to sing (eg Saigal, Kanan) but you can hire others (eg Durrani, Shamshad) to sing for them. In part 3, he reminds of the good old days of good music and singing.

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Rafi 256

Musing 561: Hamlet, Balraj in Insaaf

His first film

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Hamlet 1954

Musing 572: Gul-e-Bakawali Panjabi film. Saigal Interview

This is an extract from a rare magazine interview of KL Saigal in 1939. Originally in Gujarati, translation into Hindi was published in Har Mandir Singh's Listeners' Bulletin in 2011.

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Gul-e-Bakawali Panjabi Film