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Musing 383: Jay Hind! Gwalior Gharana 7

I am surprised that these words come for the first time in the title of song  2 from this film

1949 Apna Desh

Now you know!

Gwalior Gharana 7


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Musing 385: chup chup, Rafi 90

IN 1947 we had chup chup kyuN baiThe hain mast javanee vaale. IN 1949, we had chup chup khaDe ho,

Badi Bahen 1949

Now you know!

Rafi 90

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Musing 387: Raam Qasam, Rafi 92

It is unusual to see Ram Qasam in songs. The first time it was in a song from Maataa (1942). Second time in Parwana (1947) MD Khurshid Anwar

See Parwana Song 10 Here

Now you know!

Rafi 92 

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