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Radio Singer, AIR Lahore, 1945

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A Year in Hindi Movies 1946 Part I

1946 - So many firsts!!!

This was the year of the firsts. Nirupa Roy, Geeta Bali,
Geeta Roy, K. A. Abbas, Ravi Shankar, Balraj Sahani, Damay-
anti Sahani, Mina Kapoor, Sudhir Phadke, P. L. Santoshi, Dev
Anand, Rahaman, Rehana, Chitragupt, Ram Ganguly, Abhi Bhat-
tacharya, Chetan Anand, Uma Anand, Kamini Kaushal, Hans Raj
Bahal, Majrooh, S. D. Burman, and, Kishore Kumar started
their career in Hindi movies in 1946.

Interesting perspective on the Indian market by Hollywood in 1922-23, from a yearbook. It should be remembered that at this time more than 50% films shown in India came from Hollywood!

Now you know!

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