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Musing 28: Dinesh Sharma, Phool Bane Angare (1963)

Some people like Hindi films, others love them, but a few blessed ones like Har Mandir and his successors are crazy about films and their songs. One such person is Dinesh Sharma of  Dhulia, Maharashtra. He started noting down the picturizations of films in notebooks, loose sheets of paper and scraps of paper. He has been mostly responsible in all the picturization info you see in the various singers' Geet Koshes. Here is what the compilers of the Rafi Geet Kosh, 'Mere Geet Tumhare' had to say about him.

Dinesh Sharma

Mr Dinesh Sharma: Suggested to include picturizations in 'Mere Geet Tumhare' and continued sending new information that was very important in making the book truly complete. His address is given next.

Now you know!

Listen to Phool Bane Angare (1963) 



Madhubala Images from Films

Note: These captures from films appeared in a Facebook page Madhubala Magic. I would like to acknowledge the creator. Some of the images are from the Facebook page of Shalini Singh. Thanks you, Shalini.

Madhubala Images 1949 Mahal

Madhubala Images 1950 Nirala

Madhubala Images 1951 Sangdil

Madhubala Images 1951 Tarana

Madhubala Images 1954 Amar

Madhubala Images 1955 Mr-Mrs-55

Madhubala Images 1956 Rajhath

Madhubala Images 1956 Shirin-Farhad

Madhubala Images 1957 Ek-Saal

Madhubala Images 1958 Chalti-Ka-Nam-Gadi

Madhubala Images 1958 Howrah-Bridge

Madhubala Images 1958 Kala-Pani

Madhubala Images 1959 Do-Ustad

Madhubala Images 1960 Barsat-Ki-Raat

Madhubala Images 1960 Jali-Note

Madhubala Images 1961 Jhumroo




Musing 32: Begum Para Life, Andhi Aur Toofan (1964)

People mentioned that Begum Para was on the cover of the Life magazine. I looked at all the covers on the internet. She was not there. Then, I went to the library and started looking at all the issues starting with 1949. Found her inside an Asia Special Issue dated Dec 31, 1951! So, she was in Life, but not on the cover. Photos courtesy of Google and Life magazine.

Now you know!

 Listen to Andhi Aur Toofan (1964)