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Musing 8: Song structure

Song structure

In the songs of the 50s to 80s a very similar structure is heard. It may begin with an intro line, e.g. in the aayegaa aane walaa, one hears Khaamosh hai zamaana ... Then there is intro music. Then the sthaaee or the refrain. More intro music, the first antaraa or stanza, followed by more interludes and stanzas.

But if one listens to songs from the 30s or early 40s, in most songs, there is hardly any interlude music. The singers start singing, keep singing and singing till the end. The music is in the background playing almost a secondary part.

The sthaaee-antaraa form became standard some time during the late 40s. Many people believe that it was Anil Biswas who did that. But it is a matter of ongoing research.

Now you know!

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Lalita Phadke article

Article by Dr. Suresh Chandvankar, Honorary Secretary SIRC on

Lalita Phadke who passed away recently

Lalita Phadke (in Hindi)

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Madhubala Images from Films

Note: These captures from films appeared in a Facebook page Madhubala Magic. I would like to acknowledge the creator.  

Madhubala Images 1949 Mahal

Madhubala Images 1950 Nirala

Madhubala Images 1951 Sangdil

Madhubala Images 1951 Tarana

Madhubala Images 1954 Amar

Madhubala Images 1955 Mr-Mrs-55

Madhubala Images 1956 Rajhath

Madhubala Images 1956 Shirin-Farhad

Madhubala Images 1957 Ek-Saal

Madhubala Images 1958 Chalti-Ka-Nam-Gadi

Madhubala Images 1958 Howrah-Bridge

Madhubala Images 1958 Kala-Pani

Madhubala Images 1959 Do-Ustad

Madhubala Images 1960 Barsat-Ki-Raat

Madhubala Images 1960 Jali-Note

Madhubala Images 1961 Jhumroo




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