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Musing 37: Two overlapping melodies, Hum Diwane (1965)

Whenever I read about Indian Classical music or its history, from the earliest books till date, they always mention that the Indian music has melody whereas the western music has harmony. This is very surprising to me because even some of the African music has harmony and we missed it. I have been trying to find examples of it in Indian classical music, but I don't know enough. Here is the earliest example from Hindi film music (based on what they say in books, all I hear is two different tunes overlapping in many places.)

 duniya rang rangili baba

Now you know!

Listen to Hum Diwane (1965) 


Musing 9: Sheo Khetan

A Very Hard Worker, True to His Word

N S Vishwanath, a fellow RMIMer came to see me and I gave him copies of all my Hindi films on a hard disk. He gave them to one of hiss friends Sheo Khetan. One fine day, Sheo informed me that he has copies of all my movies and he would like to do a project based on them. I ignored his request becuase my projects are very labor-intensive. He did not give up, so I requested him to capture photos of all the named actors, and the ones that had a speaking part and even animals. Our hope is to publish a massive album of all the actors who ever worked in Hindi films, to 1960 at least for now.

He started doing it and has finished about 30 films. Here is a sample of his work. Enjoy!

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Musing 35: Dialog in Song, Mere Qasoor Kya Hai (1964)

I am sure everybody has heard many songs from the early recording period by Gauhar Jan and others. They used to say at the end, My name is Gauhar Jan. In the following song the actors actually announce that this is a song from a film and the names of characters. This is the first time I heard this kind of thing

Dialog and song announcement

Now you know!

 Listen to Mera Qasoor Kya Hai (!964)