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A Year in Hindi Movies 1941-43

A Year in Hindi Movies 1941

1941 - Mukesh acts and sings!

 This note on Mukeshachand Zoraavarachand Maathur should be
read alongside the wonderful info already available on the
RMIM Automailer maintained by Prince Kohli and Satish
Subramanian; get the articles #1, #2, #60 and #78.
Mukesh was born on July 22, 1923. One of the ten siblings,
the handsome young man came to Bombay in 1940 to become an
actor. His bosom buddy Tara Harish gave him a chance as a
hero in "nirdosh" (1941) opposite Nalini Jayawant in her
third movie. His first song was, "dil hii bujhaa huaa ho to
fasle bahaar kyaa", a solo and he also sang two duets with
Nalini Jaywant. The MD of the movie was Ashok Ghosh. On his
death in 1976, Anil Biswas said that he lost one of his

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Musing 32: Begum Para Life, Andhi Aur Toofan (1964)

People mentioned that Begum Para was on the cover of the Life magazine. I looked at all the covers on the internet. She was not there. Then, I went to the library and started looking at all the issues starting with 1949. Found her inside an Asia Special Issue dated Dec 31, 1951! So, she was in Life, but not on the cover. Photos courtesy of Google and Life magazine.

Now you know!

 Listen to Andhi Aur Toofan (1964)


Musing 5: Watan Ke Logo, not Logon

Number 5 2017/08/20

Ai Mere Watan Ke Logo

Yesterday, I mentioned the "Saga of the Compiler's Odyssey". You can read it here.

I am sure everybody knows about the famous Lata non-film song which made Chacha Nehru cry. The poet wrote the last word in the title as LOGO (not LOGON), Lata sang it as LOGO (not LOGON), the record says it is LOGO (not LOGON). So stop saying LOGON, at least for this song.

May be you feel that LOGON is correct grammatically, may be you were taught that way, may be you have known this all your life. No matter. The poet, the singer and the record disagree. So LOGO, not LOGON.

In fact the usage Ai Mere Watan Ke Logo is grammatically correct, as is Aao Bachcho Tumhen Dikhaayen (as Pradeep sings) or Bhaaiyo or Bahno (as Amin Sayani says). Look at any reputable Hindi grammar book published in the earlier times. They all agree that there is no N at the end in this case.

So, once for all LOGO, not LOGON.

Now you know!