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Musing 9: Sheo Khetan

A Very Hard Worker, True to His Word

N S Vishwanath, a fellow RMIMer came to see me and I gave him copies of all my Hindi films on a hard disk. He gave them to one of hiss friends Sheo Khetan. One fine day, Sheo informed me that he has copies of all my movies and he would like to do a project based on them. I ignored his request becuase my projects are very labor-intensive. He did not give up, so I requested him to capture photos of all the named actors, and the ones that had a speaking part and even animals. Our hope is to publish a massive album of all the actors who ever worked in Hindi films, to 1960 at least for now.

He started doing it and has finished about 30 films. Here is a sample of his work. Enjoy!

Now you know! 

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Musing 1 Tanar System Camera

Number 1 2017/08/16

Tanar Single-System Camera

Starting a new series of brief notes by me. Hoping to publish on a daily basis

One reads in various books and articles that Ardeshir Irani shot Alam Ara (1931) on a single-system Tanar camera. Single System means that the audio and video were recorded on the same film negative at the same time, solving the problem of sound synchronization. We see here Mr Irani recording the film and we see a big box.

(Photo from the book So Many Cinemas by B D Garga). That is all people knew for a long time. Thanks to modern science, we now have the Internet. Here is an ad of the Tanar System from the magazine American Cinematographer, January 1931. 

In the second photo the famous Douglas Fairbanks (not Jr, but Sr) with two boxes, endorsing it as a portable talkie making system to sound-film your vacation! The first one gives more info. According to Irani, they used to take the two boxes everywhere for outdoor shooting. The foreign expert Mr Wiford Demming charged Rs 100 per month for training Mr Irani and Mr Rustam Bharucha. They learnt how to assemble it and use it.

Now you know!

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Musings 1-100

Musing 100: Karwan-e-Hayat (1935)

Musing 99: Harmonica, Narsingh 702

Musing 98: Sudarshan Talwar, Narsingh 701

Musing 97: Bikram Nahar, Narsingh 700

Musing 96: Surender Hard Work, Narsingh 699

Musing 95: Damned it! Narsingh 698

Musing 94: Amit Bose, Narsingh 697

Musing 93: Pankaj Mullick Cornucopia, Narsingh 696

Musing 92: Gossip in 1949, Narsingh 695

Musing 91: Jal Tarang, Narsingh 694 Tunes

Musing 90: Censorship Predictions, Narsingh 693 Tunes

Musing 89: Lots of Instruments, Narsingh 692

Musing 88: NaKhshab film announcement, Narsingh 691

Musing 87: Pots and Pans, Narsingh 690 Tunes

Musiing 86: Shama Dulari, Narsingh 689 Tunes

Musing 85, Damroo in song, Narsingh 688 Tunes

Musing 84: Sahir Rupee 1 more, Narsingh 687 Tunes

Musing 83: Parallel singing, Narsingh 686 Tunes

Musing 82: Movie Goofs, Narsingh 685 Tunes

Musing 81: Lata first song picturization, Narsingh 684 (Tunes)

Musing 80: Woh Ham Se Chup Hain, Narsingh 683

Musing 79: Inspired films, Narsingh 682

Musing 78: Comic Parody, Narsingh 681

Musing 77: Madhu wrote, Narsingh 680

Musing 76: Sarangi in song, Amar Prem (1971)

Musing 75: Censorship, Pushpanjali (1970)

Musing 74: First Disc Artist, Priya (1970)

Musing 73: Children singing, My Love (1970)

Musing 72: Ray on Silent Era, Gunah Aur Qanoon (1970)

Musing 71: Koee Hamdam Na Rahaa, Devi (1970)

Musing 70: Anarkali myth, Daghabaz (1970)

Musing 69: Song Introducion, Tamanna (1969)

Musing 68: Use of Western music, Meri Bhabhi (1969)

Musing 67: Wood pipe, Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati (1969)

Musing 66: Chowringhee and Mushaira, Apna Khoon Apna Dushman (1969)

Musing 65: Garba like sticks, Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969)

Musing 64: Raj Kapoor rare photo, Jung Aur Aman (1968)

Musing 63: Omar Khayyam, Baharon Ki Manzil (1968)

Musing 62: Star salaries, Raat Andheri Thi (1967)

Musing 61: Lightning sound, Parivar (1967)

Musing 60: Indurani photo, Milan Ki Raat (167)

Musing 59: Drums not Tabla, Bhakta Prahlad (1967)

Musing 58: Madhubala biggest, Ghar Ka Chiragh (1967)

Musing 57: Piano song, Chhaila Babu (1967)

Musing 56: English words, Badrinath Yatra (1967)

Musing 55: Temple bells, Toofan Men Pyar Kahan (1966)

Musing 54: Mingling of sexes, Thakur Jarnail Singh (1966)

Musing 53: Laughter in song, Shera Daku (1966)

Musing 52: Modak-Apate first talkie, Preet Na Jane Reet (1966)

Musing 51, Long intro, Kunwari (1966)

Musing 50: Sakina nude, Insaaf (1966)

Musing 49: Instrument X in song, Daku Mangal Singh (1966)

Musing 48: Sulochana thirsty, Zindagi Aur Maut (1965)

Musing 47: Sitar in song, Tarzan and King Kong (1965)

Musing 46: Dance as sex, Son of Hatimtai (!965)

Musing 45: tujhe bibbo kahooN, Sindbad Alibaba Alladin (!965)

Musing 44: Tollywood in 1932, Shankar Sita Anusuya (1965)

Musing 43:Parody Song, Sati Nari (1965)

Musing 42: Kamlabai Gokhale, Purnima (1965)

Musing 41: English song, Panch Ratan (1965)

Musing 40: Film business, jay's BCSP 20170924

Musing 39, First female MD, Nishan (1965)

Musing 38: Narendra Shrimali 'Kamal', Mujrim Kaun Khooni Kaun (!965)

Musing 37: Two overlapping melodies, Hum Diwane (1965)

Musing 36: W M Khan, Veer Bhimsen (1964)

Musing 35: Dialog in Song, Mere Qasoor Kya Hai (1964)

Musing 34: Miss Mary tune origin, Hercules (1964)

Musing 33: Rakhi song, Jay's songs 4

Musing 32: Begum Para Life, Andhi Aur Toofan (1964)

Musing 31: Percussion, Ye Dil Kisko Doon (1963)

Musing 30: Janki Dass, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (!963)

Musing 29: Call and Response, Rocket Tarzan (1963)

Musing 28: Dinesh Sharma, Phool Bane Angare (1963)

Musing 27: Breathing, Pyar Ka Bandhan (1963)

Musing 26: Bird sound, Nag Mohini (1963)

Musing 25: Nadia Hindi, Mulzim (1963)

Musing 24: K(h)artaal, Kan Kan Men Bhagwan (1963)

Musing 23: Records of songs, Kabli Khan (1963)

Musing 22: Sargam in song, Bhootnath (1963)

Musing 21: taal in songs, Durga Pooja (1962)

Musing 20: Crying Song, Narsingh Songs

Musing 19: India Abroad Letter. Jay's Songs

Musing 18: Ghunghroo, Cobra Girl (1963)

Musing 17: Purity of Music, Shadi

Musing 16: Pooran Bhagat, Gyara Hazar Ladkiyan

Musing 15: S. Indorkar and A R Rahman

Musing 14: Bindu and Jyoti, Dharti Ke Lal

Musing 13: Film Tricks and Narsingh songs 679

Musing 12: Jay's recent songs

Musing 11: Songs from Minister (1959) Narsingh 678

Musing 10: Songs from Ilzaam (1954) Narsingh 677

Musing 9: Sheo Khetan

Musing 8: Song structure

Musing 7: First Hindi Film Song

Musing 6: Sunehra Baal booklet

Musing 5: Watan Ke Logo, not Logon

Musing 4: B V Dharap, Gazette

Musing 3: Filmographies how?

Musing 2: Music in the 30s

Musing 1 Tanar System Camera

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