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Old time RMIMers know about this already. May be new info for many. Lata's Surel Chitra:

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Narsingh 739

After having learnt that Gauhar Jaan was not the first Disc recording artist of India, an, in fact the first one was not even Indian, it is natural to know more. Here is some info on W S Burke, the first Disc record artist in India.

Turns out that it was not a one-time thing, he cut about 20 more! You can read all about in Volume 7 of the The Record News, a publication of the Society of Indian Record Collector. All the issues are available on my website

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Rafi 48

For a long time I believed that Iftekhar was Veena's brother. Why? Because a magazine article said so and a very reliable friend also said so. But when Shishir Krishna Sharma asked Veena if Iftekhar was her brother, she said no, he was not. What about my two independent sources? Turned out they were both from Indore, so they were not so independent. I apologized publicly for believing so.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the following item in the June 1946 issue of filmindia! It says clearly that the filmstar Veena is a sister of Shehzada Iftekhar! So, did Veena was actor Iftekhar's sister? You decide :)

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