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A Year in Hindi Movies 1941-43

A Year in Hindi Movies 1941

1941 - Mukesh acts and sings!

 This note on Mukeshachand Zoraavarachand Maathur should be
read alongside the wonderful info already available on the
RMIM Automailer maintained by Prince Kohli and Satish
Subramanian; get the articles #1, #2, #60 and #78.
Mukesh was born on July 22, 1923. One of the ten siblings,
the handsome young man came to Bombay in 1940 to become an
actor. His bosom buddy Tara Harish gave him a chance as a
hero in "nirdosh" (1941) opposite Nalini Jayawant in her
third movie. His first song was, "dil hii bujhaa huaa ho to
fasle bahaar kyaa", a solo and he also sang two duets with
Nalini Jaywant. The MD of the movie was Ashok Ghosh. On his
death in 1976, Anil Biswas said that he lost one of his

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Madhubala as seen in US (1952)

Here is a very nice article on Madhubala from an American magazine published in August 1952. They called her,

The biggest star in the world and she is not in Beverly Hills

Theatre Arts, August 1952

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