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Madhubala Photos by Burke

Note: These photos were taken by James Burke, Life Magazine photographer in 1951. There are many more of other actresses  from 1951 and 1964. Search Google.

Archiving Film Music

Archiving Indian film music

Chetan Vinchhi

On the challenges faced by any serious archival efforts and possible ways of mitigating these


The history of a music reflects the history of its people. The evolution of a genre of music narrates vivid stories that often go above and beyond the written word. We can identify with and relive these sagas through the music. And all this happens organically. It is not a history lesson. It is woven into the social fabric over the years, even generations.

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First Decade RMIM article

The First Decade: summing up


           The Thirties - The first decade

The first decade can be summed up as the decade of the big
studios and their popular stars. And they did practically every-
thing that could be done. I will try to bring in some of the
things I failed to mention in the previous ten posts.

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