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A Year in Hindi Movies 1947

A Year in Hindi Movies 1947 Part I

1947 - Part A: Saigal and Noorjahan gone.

Saigal was born on April 11, 1904 and learnt singing
from his mother Mrs. Kesar Kaur. Made just 28 movies and
sang about 250 songs, including non-filmi songs. The
legendary singer died on January 18, 1947. His last movie
was paravaanaa, his third and last with suraiyaa. Baby
khurshiid, later known as shyaamaa played his
sister. The music was by khurshiid anvar and lyrics were
by madhok. Saigal sang five songs,

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Musing 46: Dance as sex, Son of Hatimtai (!965)

I think everybody realizes that the hero-heroine dances are there to make up for the lack of sex that censors do not allow. I don't think any film person has admitted it. Recently, Edwina Violette spelled it out

“Yes I would imagine that the Hip Shaking & the Top
Half of the Body Shaking & any part of the Body
Shaking done by The Female Dancers especially in the
Film Line is to spell out ‘Sex’ from Beginning to End"

Now you know!

Listen to Son of Hatimtai (1965)