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A Year in Hindi Movies 1946

A Year in Hindi Movies 1946 Part I

1946 - So many firsts!!!

This was the year of the firsts. Nirupa Roy, Geeta Bali,
Geeta Roy, K. A. Abbas, Ravi Shankar, Balraj Sahani, Damay-
anti Sahani, Mina Kapoor, Sudhir Phadke, P. L. Santoshi, Dev
Anand, Rahaman, Rehana, Chitragupt, Ram Ganguly, Abhi Bhat-
tacharya, Chetan Anand, Uma Anand, Kamini Kaushal, Hans Raj
Bahal, Majrooh, S. D. Burman, and, Kishore Kumar started
their career in Hindi movies in 1946.

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Musing 24: K(h)artaal, Kan Kan Men Bhagwan (1963)

Listen to this Meera Bhajan. I can hear Kartaal (or KhaDtaal), an instrument used in Bhajans from the ancient times. This is the earliest song in which I have heard it.


Now you know!

 Listen to Kan Kan Men Bhagwan (1963)

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Article on Azurie

Article on Azurie (1907-1998)

 Here is what I wrote about her in my book on Edwina Violette.

Azurie (Anna or Annette Marie Gueizielor)

Azurie was perhaps the first dancer who was considered essential to the success of a film. Born in 1907 as an Indo-German, she learned different dancing styles from many teachers. She started her career in the mid-thirties and continued well into the fifties. She migrated to Pakistan in late 50s and died there in 1998.

She is reputed to have introduced Cuckoo into Hindi films. She is remembered well for her dances in Shahjehan (1946). One of her dances in Parwana (1947) picturized on the song, Saiyaan Ne Unglee Maroree Re was considered vulgar enough to be banned from the film. She acted in about 50 Indian (Hindi) films from 1934-1960 and a few in Pakistan, most notably in Jhoomer (1959).

An article appeared in the Screen (1980) based on interviews with her when she visited India.  Enjoy the article, thanks to Kaustubh Pingle.


Azurie Article 


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