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A Year in Hindi Movies 1949

A Year in Hindi Movies 1949 Part I

 1949: The Golden Age Begins: A

By definition, the golden age of Hindi film music is a
period of time that satisfies two conditions. You must be
mad about 75% or more of the songs that you have heard. And
you must fall in love with any previously unheard songs that
you hear for the first time, with a probability of 0.75 or

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Article on Azurie

Article on Azurie (1907-1998)

 Here is what I wrote about her in my book on Edwina Violette.

Azurie (Anna or Annette Marie Gueizielor)

Azurie was perhaps the first dancer who was considered essential to the success of a film. Born in 1907 as an Indo-German, she learned different dancing styles from many teachers. She started her career in the mid-thirties and continued well into the fifties. She migrated to Pakistan in late 50s and died there in 1998.

She is reputed to have introduced Cuckoo into Hindi films. She is remembered well for her dances in Shahjehan (1946). One of her dances in Parwana (1947) picturized on the song, Saiyaan Ne Unglee Maroree Re was considered vulgar enough to be banned from the film. She acted in about 50 Indian (Hindi) films from 1934-1960 and a few in Pakistan, most notably in Jhoomer (1959).

An article appeared in the Screen (1980) based on interviews with her when she visited India.  Enjoy the article, thanks to Kaustubh Pingle.


Azurie Article 


Filmfare Awards 1959 and 1968

A Controversy on Classic RMIM

Long ago there were heated discussions about Filmfare awards after a member had posted an article on them. People believed in the Internet and it was wrong. I will let veteran RMIMer Asif Alvi tell the story in his own words, from a recent email to me,

At this time I am sharing with you 4 PDF pages, 2 each from 2 different Filmfare issues.  Two pages show Filmfare Award winners and nominations for the year 1959, and the other 2 pages show winners for the year 1968.  One of these pages show color photos of Rafi and Asha.  It is worth noting that Rafi won his Filmfare Award for the song 'main gaaoon tum so jaao' (Brahamachari), not for 'dil ke jharokhe mein' from the same film as the Internet claims - and so do a countless people who sourced their knowledge of this award from Internet.  You would be surprised to see that site also has this same error.  If you remember it, I talked about this error (seemingly sourced from Filmfare website in those days; the site does not list the awards anymore) on RMIM years ago when Late Shri Kalraji was alive and he also confirmed this error and agreed with me.  I have always known this fact since boyhood days when I devoured Filmfare from my father's library.
I am wondering if you can please upload these pages on your site for music lovers to know the truth.  The reason I am requesting you to also upload the pages about awards from the year 1959 is personal.  In 2003 I posted a list of all Filmfare Award winners as well as nominations up to the year 1980 or so on Mukesh Yahoo group.  A few members appreciated this list as a new knowledge for them.  However, an idiot fraud named George James openly insulted me by saying that my list was incorrect, I was wrong, and calling me names - without citing any facts of his own.  He claimed that Mukesh' song 'mujhe tumse kuchh bhi na chaahiye' was nominated among 3 songs rather than Lata's 'bhaiyya mere raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhaana' listed by me on that post.  He also said that Rafi won his award for the song 'dil ke jharokhe mein' instead of 'main gaaoon tum so jaao' listed by me on the same post.  He asked me to find the "fact" on site and called me dumb and "too young to admit my mistakes."  His attack on me turned so disgusting that I left the group in agony and anger after trying to prove myself in a few posts (without being able to show real Filmfare issues, which I did not have at that time).  I never forgot that insult.  You can still see the post titled Filmfare Awards on Singer Mukesh Yahoo group without having to log in and that idiot's responses full of filth and lies.
I posted my response last night to that idiot's last response on that thread, but it is not still not published there.  The moderator probably rejected it, because I called that idiot 'idiot' and 'fraud' at several places in my response, nothing obscene or ugly.  I may never be able to settle a score with that fraud; however, I want the world to know the truth, especially about Rafi's award in 1968.
I would greatly appreciate if you please upload these 4 pages on your site.  Thanks and take care.
The 4 pages are here