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A Year in Hindi Movies 1949

A Year in Hindi Movies 1949 Part I

 1949: The Golden Age Begins: A

By definition, the golden age of Hindi film music is a
period of time that satisfies two conditions. You must be
mad about 75% or more of the songs that you have heard. And
you must fall in love with any previously unheard songs that
you hear for the first time, with a probability of 0.75 or

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Musing 193: Mexican Hat Dance, Bharat 31 Lata Gobindram

This is the earliest adaption of a European tune that I have heard. It is based on El Jarabe Tapatio or Mexican Hat dance, a traditional Mexican tune. This is almost a decade before that Samadhi song or Mangala's Brazilian adaptations.

Listen to 1941_beTee_07_vaasantee_1941 beTee jaag-3-jag-re-ab-to_x_GYaan-datt.mp3

Now you know!

Bharat 31 Lata Gobindram


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A Year in Hindi Movies 1948

A Year in Hindi Movies 1948 Part I

 1948 Part A: ASHA and KISHOR

To get information about these two giants of the Hindi
movie playback scene, get article numbers 11 and 12 for Asha
and article numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10 for Kishor. The articles
can be read on the RMIM archive [Check!].

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