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Musing 24: K(h)artaal, Kan Kan Men Bhagwan (1963)

Listen to this Meera Bhajan. I can hear Kartaal (or KhaDtaal), an instrument used in Bhajans from the ancient times. This is the earliest song in which I have heard it.


Now you know!

 Listen to Kan Kan Men Bhagwan (1963)

Photos of Actors 2

Some not too well-known actors

Gallery 2

[Gallery 1 here Photos of Actors 1]

Thanks to Sudarshan Talwar of  Kolkata, here is an article of Ms Firoza Master, actress, wife of the veteran director Homi Master.

Firoza Master 

I have also added a photo of her with Hari Shivdasani from Shree 420 to the gallery.





A Year in Hindi Movies 36-40

A Year in Hindi Movies 1936

1936 Ashok Kumar begins carrear

Born on October 13, 1911 at Bhagalpur, Bihar, as Kumudlal to a famous lawyer, Kunjlal Ganguly, whose family migrated from Nadia to Khandwa some hundred years ago, Ashok Kumar was a brilliant student,

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