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from the film Raj Nartaki (1941).

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In the prehistoric, the Classic RMIM era, we had only text-based USENET posts. I decided to start my website to allow people to give me audio/video/images to post. One of the people who responded was Jayaraman of Dombivli. During December 2005, he sent to me, at his own expense, a mix tape of songs, all the way from Mumbai to San Diego, by Registered Post. He requested me to put the songs on my website, I did.




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Notwithstanding the fact that some time ago I had mentioned the coining of the word Tollywood (from Tollygunj) in Calcutta in 1932, it appears that people don't know about it. So, let us do some research. Go to the Hindi Film Geet Kosh (HFGK) Database Website, click on the Censor Certificate information page. As you may know this page has information about more than 11,000 films (1931-2010). The information comes directly from the Government gazettes, where it was originally published. It was copied and painstakingly checked by volunteers. It is available to browse or to search for free, no login. no registration, no annoying pop-ups or ads. . Now, a part of this information (after 1949) is available on the Official Censor Board website, but no browsing, only search. If you want info about films before 1950, our website is the only internet resource.

In the Censor Certificate page, type tollywood in the search box. You will see

You can see all the information that is available in the Gazette for Javaanee Kaa Nashaa (1935), produced by Tollywood Studio. Scrolling down you will see more,

a total of 9 films.

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