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Daily (Almost) Musings

I will discuss one topic briefly. Hope to do it daily.

Musing 35: Dialog in Song, Mere Qasoor Kya Hai (1964)

Musing 34: Miss Mary tune origin, Hercules (1964)

Musing 33: Rakhi song, Jay's songs 4

Musing 32: Begum Para Life, Andhi Aur Toofan (1964)

Musing 31: Percussion, Ye Dil Kisko Doon (1963)

Musing 30: Janki Dass, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (!963)

Musing 29: Call and Response, Rocket Tarzan (1963)

Musing 28: Dinesh Sharma, Phool Bane Angare (1963)

Musing 27: Breathing, Pyar Ka Bandhan (1963)

Musing 26: Bird sound, Nag Mohini (1963)

Musing 25: Nadia Hindi, Mulzim (1963)

Musing 24: K(h)artaal, Kan Kan Men Bhagwan (1963)

Musing 23: Records of songs, Kabli Khan (1963)

Musing 22: Sargam in song, Bhootnath (1963)

Musing 21: taal in songs, Durga Pooja

Musing 20: Crying Song, Narsingh Songs

Musing 19: India Abroad Letter. Jay's Songs

Musing 18: Ghunghroo, Cobra Girl (1963)

Musing 17: Purity of Music, Shadi

Musing 16: Pooran Bhagat, Gyara Hazar Ladkiyan

Musing 15: S. Indorkar and A R Rahman

Musing 14: Bindu and Jyoti, Dharti Ke Lal

Musing 13: Film Tricks and Narsingh songs

Musing 12: Jay's recent songs

Musing 11: Songs from Minister (1959)

Musing 10: Songs from Ilzaam (1954)

Musing 9

Musing 8

Musing 7

Musing 6

Musing 5

Musing 4

Musing 3

Musing 2

Musing 1 

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