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Musing 254: Surel Chitra, Narsingh 739

Old time RMIMers know about this already. May be new info for many. Lata's Surel Chitra:

Now you know!

Narsingh 739

Musing 310: W S Burke, Rafi 48

After having learnt that Gauhar Jaan was not the first Disc recording artist of India, an, in fact the first one was not even Indian, it is natural to know more. Here is some info on W S Burke, the first Disc record artist in India.

Turns out that it was not a one-time thing, he cut about 20 more! You can read all about in Volume 7 of the The Record News, a publication of the Society of Indian Record Collector. All the issues are available on my website

Now you know!

Rafi 48

Abhay Jain's Mothers' Day Special

Abhay is a veteran RMIMer who used to run a Radio Program. Read more about him here

Here is an audio of his special program of May 8, 2016.

Listen to MothersDaySpecialOnMay8-2016.mp3