Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz'


My main hobby is researching all aspects of Hindi movies. I am a great fan of Har Mandir Singh "Hamraaz", the world-famous compiler of Hindi Film Geet Kosh and Editor of Listeners' Bulletin.

  • If you are in US or Canada, and you want to buy any of his publications, go here for instructions.
    Buying HFGK in USA
  • You can learn more about him at his home page Hamraaz's Website
  • Interview by Vijayalaxmi with Har Mandir, "Saigal of Afghanistan" and Dr. Aziz about Saigal

  • Second part

  • His interview with BBC

  • Greetings and other messages from film people on the publication of various volumes of Hindi Film Geet Kosh. I have added greetings from the following:
    Please note that some of the addresses and phone numbers may have been changed. Also some of the greeters may have passed away. At a later stage, I plan to include English translations of the non-English material and provide brief bios of the greeters and some useful WWW links to their work.

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